Dr. Laurent Massi         AIGS Director of Global Education

Dr. Laurent Massi completed his PhD on “Atomic-scale Defects in Brown and Hydrogen-Rich Diamonds” at the Department of Physics at Nantes University. During the course of his studies, he also taught gemology at Paris's French National Gemological Institute (ING), and would later go on to give presentations at conferences in Canada, Sri Lanka, France, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States. Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Massi has also been responible for a large number of scientific papers on such topics as color-change corundum, hydrogen and CO2 optical centers in diamonds, clinohumite, chameleon diamonds, color-change bastnäsite and the new and extremely rare gem mineral, hibonite.
Dr. Massi was previously our Laboratory Director here at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences. Then, after completing his Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) studies at the Gemological Institute of America headquarters in Carlsbad, California, he then took the role of the Director of Education at the GIA's new Bangkok campus.
Dr. Massi has now returned to AIGS to take up a similar role at our school, while also maintaining his own gemstone consultancy business.

"From Mines to Markets: The Dawn of a New Era for the Global Ruby Market" - Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, September 2015