What Will I Learn?

  Basic information for testing gemstones and minerals.
  Advantages, difficulties and limitations of analytical testing methods.
  How to check for heat treatment, synthetics, resin or oil in emerald, impregnation in jade.

This three-day course covers FTIR, ED-XRF and UV-Vis-NIR, both theory & practical, and other testing methods.

Participants will learn basic information for testing gemstones and minerals, essential for understanding the advantages, difficulties and limitations of analytical testing methods.

Learn how to check for
heat treatment
resin or oil in emerald
impregnation in jade
and other treatments

Participation is limited to 10 students so sign up today!

AIGS is launching the first analytical teaching course worldwide, thus providing the opportunity to understand daily analytical work of a gem lab.

The instructors are international experts and inventors with decades of practicing analytical testing solutions at universities and private laboratories.

About the Instructors:

Franck Notari's specializations are colored gemstones and diamonds. His main research interests pertain to corundum and emerald (treatments, geographical origins), diamonds (synthesis, treatment) and radionuclides in collaboration with the Henri Becquerel National Laboratory (C.E.A., Saclay, France). He designs and manufactures high tech analytical equipment for gemological research and industrial applications. He is Senior Lecturer for the University Diploma on Gemology (Faculty of Nantes) and Head of Scientific Research, Gemological Studies and Testing for the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences.

Dr. Andreas Burkhardt earned a Doctorate in Archaeometry from the University of Basel, with his thesis titled, "Non-Destructive Metallurgical and Numismatic Analysis of Ancient Celtic Coins". He is the Founder and President of X-Ray Analytics Switzerland AG Ltd. and also the Founder of the Institut für Ferstörungsfreie Analytik und Archäometrie (IFZAA). He is a member of the German (DGZfP), Swiss (SGZP) and Austrian (ÖGZfP) Societies for Non-Destructive Testing. He has served as the color pigment and forgeries consultant to the United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) agency and is the inventor of the first method for non-destructive ED-XRF analysis of printed color pigments.

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