What Will I Learn?

  Techniques on how to quickly sketch a jewel.
  Pencil-based sketching skills.
5 days     USD 800
Being able to make sketches quickly is a great skill to have when buying loose gemstones in the marketplace, as it allows you to visualize what the end product may look like before making a potentially expensive purchase. This 5-day course provides a basic foundation in fast, pencil-based sketching skills and is aimed at beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Pre - requisites: No experience required, Minimum 16 years of age

Careers: Art History, Antiques (estate jewelry), Design & Manufacture , Retail, Industry

Recommended for: Designers, Gemstone and Jewelry Lovers, Sales Managers, Retailers Max.

Language: English (Applicants enrolling in AIGS courses are required to have good English communication)


5 days     USD 800
5 days     USD 800