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Sign-up for an A.G. Diploma program (English language) with 2 friends and receive...:

1. A combined course fee reduction from US$33,000 to US$30,000 (English program)

2. A free field trip to Sri Lanka* (5 days, 3 nights)

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Terms and conditions

1. All three applicants must have enrolled on - and paid for - the Accredited Gemologist Diploma (A.G.)  program 31 December 2017.
2. The field trip to Sri Lanka offer includes flights, transportation, a twin shared room and three meals per day.
3. AIGS reserves the right to make changes to dates, schedule and/or itinerary of the field trip to Sri Lanka after these have been initially announced.
4. The “Three’s Company” offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other AIGS promotion and is not cash redeemable.
5. The field Trip to Sri Lanka must be attended before the end of 2017.

Accredited Gemologist

The six-month 'Accredited Gemologist' (A.G.) program emphasizes the practical gemstone identification and synthetic/treatment detection skills required to become a proficient gemologist in today's gem and jewelry industry, as well as providing a solid grounding in the commercial aspects of grading and valuation. In addition to classroom-based theoretical and practical instruction, students are given the opportunity to visit various gem mining localities, jewelry production facilities and gemstone trading hubs throughout Thailand, as well as further afield in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Four pre-requisite courses are included within the A.G. program:

E102: Gem Identification

E103: Diamond Grading and Pricing

E201: Colored Stone Grading and Pricing

E301: Synthetics and Treated Gem Identification

The A.G. Diploma is fully recognized by Thailand's Ministry of Education.



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