What Will I Learn?

  How to identify synthetic and treated materials.
  The synthetic processes.
  The types of treatments.
  Stones by localities.
5 days     USD 1,500

Note: As a pre-requisite for this course, applicants are required to have a prior basic gemological qualification - such as E102 Gem Identification, or equivalent - or have sufficient applicable industry experience.

Briefing and practical lab on campus AIGS, Bangkok

5 days from 09:00 - 16:00 hour

Student can also do practical on campus at a later date (current fee at the time of enrollment) and receive the Diploma on Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification course.

Exam: Three attempts within 3 months

Theory: Exam online – 75%

Practical: On Campus – 100%

Should a student fail either or both the written and practical exams, they are allowed a maximum of two retakes

No. Subject Online Practical Total Remarks
1 Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification USD900 USD1,500 USD2,400 Pre-requisite E102 Gem ID or equivalent


For Maximum benefit, student must complete the course within 1 month.


5 days     USD 1,500
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5 days     USD 1,500Practical Lab  Register Now!