What Will I Learn?

  Create intricate jewelry designs with ease.
  Utilize the iPad for a seamless design experience.
  Master Procreate's features for jewelry design.
  Elevate your skills and unleash your creativity!


8 days     USD 1,500

This intensive 8-day course offers a fundamental understanding of the technical aspects of jewelry design and the art of sketching using Procreate on your iPad. This hands-on course will walk you through essential concepts, techniques, and tools necessary to create jewelry designs from start to finish.


Pre- requisites:  iPad with Procreate installed, Stylus or Apple Pencil (for digital sketching), No experience required, Minimum 16 years of age.

Recommended for: both beginners looking to explore their artist talents and jewelry enthusiasts seeking to enhance their craft.

Language: English(Applicants enrolling in AIGS courses are required to have good English communication)

Exams: One full design set and presentation

8 days     USD 1,500
8 days     USD 1,500