Lab Reports

The AIGS Lab serves both the gem and jewelry industry and the public alike with a comprehensive range of gemstone and jewelry analysis reports.

Online Report Verification

Please note that this service is only applicable to reports issued after 1st August 2011.

Lab Technology

The AIGS laboratory is equipped with EDAX, FTIR, LIBS, UV/VIS and DFI technology.

Lab Milestones

In 1977, Jeff Wildman (USA) and AIGS Chairman Henry Ho (Thailand) invented the "Porta-Lab", which was the world's first portable gemological laboratory.

Overseas Offices

Service and contact information for AIGS offices and take-in windows in Thailand and Japan.

Classification of Treatments

Descriptions of the various AIGS detection methods and grading systems for colored stones, diamonds and jadeite.

Lab membership

The AIGS VIP card is a prepaid membership card. The card is useful for volume users as it provides steep discounts for our reports. The card can be used for all of AIGS's services. A receipt with the remaining balance will be printed each time the card is used. The balance can be re-filled similar to a mobile phone SIM card.

Melee Testing Service

- Ruby & Sapphire, Emerald Identification, removing Synthetics and Imitation,
- Amethyst Identification, removing Synthetics and Imitation,
- Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Identification & Treatment Testing
Melee Testing Service