5 May

Exploring Gem Commercial Names

We are pleased to invite Gemewizard® to give a talk on Exploring Gem Commercial Names. 
Big data analytics is the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing large data volumes to reveal hidden patterns and unfamiliar correlations, identifying market trends, and extracting other useful information, which otherwise might be invisible – even for the data manager. 
The research and development team of Gemewizard® devised and digitized a fully automatic big gem data analysis system for large-scale gem and jewelry marketplaces, based on color and contextual search engine and image analysis, which generates unique market analytics and a fraud detection and prevention service.
During years 2016-2020, Gemewizard team examined the system on a vast data. The process includes analysis of tens of thousands of gems, accompanied by expert opinions regarding their colors and documented gemological reports of leading institutes.The results show a distinct inconsistency between traders’ perception and the gemological reports regarding the location of gem commercial names within the spectrum, such as ‘Pigeon Blood’, ‘Royal Blue’, ‘Cornflower Blue’ and ‘Vivid Green’. 
Some of these insights, which are considered fruitful and eye opener for any gem trader or jeweler, will be shared with the conference participants.
Date: 11 June, 19:00 Hrs (Bangkok)