29 Jun

Gem Pegmatites – Earth’s Treasure Chest

We are pleased to invite Peter Lyckberg to give a talk on Gem Pegmatites – Earth’s Treasure Chest.

The topic will cover many of the most beautiful gemstones found in granitic pegmatites. Paraiba and other tourmalines, aquamarines, heliodors, morganites, emeralds, topazes, kunzites are such examples. Also many rare gems such as jeremejevite, pezzottaite, even the Kashmir Sapphires are found in pegmatites.
This talk will be showcasing some of the most productive gem pegmatites and how they were formed under various geological conditions. Peter Lyckberg will go into more details on how the various gem crystals inside gem pockets form, with photographs from the field inside mines, veins and pockets.
You will see some of the most magnificent gem crystals which have been found and the intent is to give an insider's rare view.
Time: Jun 4, 2020 07:00 PM Bangkok