19 May

Precision and artistic cut – two ways, one direction

We are pleased to invite Victor Tuzlukov to give a talk on Precision and artistic cut – two ways, one direction.

Different from people normally talked about: diamond cutting, history of gem cutting and faceting equipment, rough and gemstone market review. Victor will represent cutting on his own perspective.

It will cover:
1. Professional cutting and faceting as a hobby – two different ways coming to one. Technical faceting competitions as a good chance to improve faceters’ skills.
2. Advantages of precision cut. What does change now: yesterday customers preferred well-cut gems if the rest characteristics (color, clarity, weight) are the same. Today customers prefer well-cut gems even with less weight.
3. How perfect polish influences the gem color. When Victor got stone for recutting, sometimes he just re-polished on the existing facets. Why?
4. What is an artistic cut? (Victor's point of view)
5. Some examples of artistic cuts (“The World Heritage” project).
6. How cuts can increase the value of stones.