19 May

Brown Diamonds: A new in-depth look at their properties and classification

We are pleased to invite Dr. Thomas Hainschwang to give a talk on Brown diamonds: A new in-depth look at their properties and classification.


Brown diamonds are – together with yellow diamonds – among the most common diamonds in the market. They are currently more affordable than most other fancy colour diamonds, with exception of cloudy grey and black diamonds, but the market asks more and more for brown diamonds, which might give the value and appreciation of such diamonds a boost in the years to come. This study is a continuation of the work of the author, who has done research on the topic of the classification of brown diamonds for his DUG diploma from 2002 to 2003. 


Brown diamonds can be categorized in two very broad categories, into those owing their colour to defects related to plastic deformation, and those that do not owe their colour to plastic deformation. The extensive work done on brown diamonds since then and particularly for this study has allowed us to get a much deeper insight into this large and complex group of diamonds, and to elaborate a more detailed modified classification of brown diamonds than the one published between 2003 and 2004.