19 May

Rubies from Greenland

"AIGS Gem Tips" program - Free Gemology Webinars to Fight Covid-19 Boredom!

We are pleased to invite Vincent Pardieu to give a talk on Rubies from Greenland.

Rubies were discovered in Greenland in the 1960’s by Danish geologists, it was only in May 2017 that a mechanized mining operation started in Greenland.

Vincent Pardieu, working as consultant for Greenland Ruby, had the privilege to be able to visit 5 times the mine since its opening and witnessed the challenges faced by the Greenlandic ruby miners. During that talk he will speak about the mining operation at Aappaluttoq, the rubies that are found there and the life at one of the most remote and at the same time modern and responsible gem mines on our planet.

Date: 9th April, 7pm(Bangkok) time