Wimon Songroek

Joined AIGS school in  1982

Wimon Songroek joined AIGS as an instructor in 1982, shortly after receiving her A.G. Diploma. She loves teaching and her students also love her teaching style. This, in addition to her many decades of service, is why Wimon also holds the position of school Principal.
Courses : Gem Identification (Thai)

Jirayoot Wajanathawornchai

Joined AIGS school in  1996

Jirayoot's background includes: Accredited Gemologist from the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences. Master of Arts in Communication Arts from Saint John’s University. He was a Gem Specialist (A.D. 1996 – 2009) for the Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited. Jirayoot is the author of many Thai books: Gemstones: A Thai Love Story, Diamond: One of Nine Gems, Pearl: Gem of Life, and Inside the World of Ruby & Sapphire. Jirayoot has been a guest speakers at Prima Gold International Company Limited.
Courses : Gem Identification , Colored Stone Grading and Pricing , Synthetics and Treated Gem Identification

Sirinee Mutitaporn

Joined AIGS school in  2002

Sirinee Mutitaporn joined AIGS in 2002, having previously received her A.G. from AIGS and G.G. from GIA Thailand. She is also a jewelry businesswoman and works with her mother, who has been in the diamond and colored stone business for over forty years.
Courses : Diamond Grading and Pricing (Thai), 5-Day Diamond (Thai), Pearl Course (Thai/English)

Kamolmas Kosinthrakul

Joined AIGS school in  2003

Kamolmas Kosinthrakul is a jewelry designer and works with her mother, who has been in the gold jewelry business for over 30 years. She received her GG from GIA, Thailand and joined AIGS school in 2003. She teaches the Diamond Grading & Pricing class in Thai.
Courses : Diamond Grading and Pricing (Thai), 5-Day Diamond (Thai)

Noppadon Engsiridumrongkul

Joined AIGS school in  2006

Noppadon Engsiridumrongkul comes from a gem trading family in Chanthaburi and has now himself been in the business for over 30 years. He has received his A.G. Diploma from AIGS, having first joined our school in 2006.
Courses : Colored Stone Grading and Pricing (Thai), Synthetics & Treated Gem Identification (Thai)

Chitwadee Raviwong

Joined AIGS school in  2006

Chitwadee Raviwong is an international award-winning designer and holds a jewelry design diploma from Bangkok's Institute of Technology and Education.
Courses : Jewelry Design (Thai/English), Countertop Sketching (Thai/English)

Tossaporn Vanichnam

Joined AIGS school in  2009

Tossaporn Vanichnam has over 15 years experience in the gold business. He is the Managing Director of Nam Gia Heng GoldSmiths Co Ltd and is on the Board of Directors of Power Gold Bullion Inter-Trade Co. Ltd.
Courses : Gold (Thai)

Surachart Panjathammawit

Joined AIGS school in  2011

Surachart Panjathammawit - who teaches our flagship Gem Identification course - attained a degree in Materials Science from Srinakarinwirot University and is also in possession of a G.G. from GIA Thailand, where he subsequently also held the position of Manager of Gemological Studies. Along with fellow AIGS instructor Pattarat Termpaisit, Surachart currently co-runs the JTC-based gem consultancy firm, GCI.
Courses : Gem Identification (English)

Pattarat Termpaisit

Joined AIGS school in  2011

Pattarat Termpaisit studied Material Science at Srinakharinwirot University, and holds a G.G., A.J.P. and Graduate Pearls Diploma from GIA Bangkok - an institution where he was also an instructor from 2002 to 2011. In addition, "Pat" taught De Beers' corporate diamond grading classes in Botswana, was Marketing Executive for Regal Jewelry and now co-runs his JTC-based gem consultancy firm, GCI.
Courses : Gem Identification (Thai/English), Diamond Grading and Pricing (English), Jade (Thai/English), Synthetic & Treated Gem Identification

Myriam Buduca

Joined AIGS school in  2017

Myriam is a French Gemologist who speaks many languages including French, Italian, English, and she's learning Thai! She did a two year gemology training course in France (FEEG) before moving to Bangkok to work with AIGS. Aside from her FEEG, Myriam also has an ING certification. She is the AIGS student counselor and also runs our social media programs.
Courses : Colored Stones Grading and Pricing (English)